Better late than never, Josh and Steve return to finish their job; covering the rest of Star Trek: Discovery Season 2. Featured episodes: Light and Shadows, If Memory Serves, Project Daedalus, The Red Angel, Perpetual Infinity, Through the Valley of Shadows, and Such Sweet Sorrow.

There is also talk of a Petition for a Chief O’Brien Statue, and Picard teaser thoughts.

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Field of Geeks Presents…Star Trek: Discovery – Mission Report (11-15)

Incoming transmission…Josh and Steve are finally ready to finish up Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery. Strap in tight and hold onto something as we warp through:  11-The Wolf Inside,12- Vaulting Ambition, 13-What’s Past is Prologue, 14-The War Without, the War Within, and 15-Will You Take My Hand?

As we head home, Josh and Steve will discuss their thoughts on Season 1, Season 2, The Orville, and Star Trek 4.

Field of Geeks Presents…Star Trek: Discovery – Mission Report (Episode 11-15)

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