Field of Geeks Podcast: Episode 16–Solo By Proxy

Field of Geeks Podcast: Episode 16–Solo By Proxy

In a world when your audio equipment messes up, one man must take on the task of re-recording it himself, starring Josh; yup just Josh. Join Josh as he attempts to pick up the pieces and move on; discussing such topics as…

A Nightmare on Elm Street, Batman V Superman, Terminator, Ghostbusters, Transformers, and more, much more.
All kidding aside, I’m Josh, please join me for this solo cast which wont be happening much at all; fingers crossed.  Al and Mitch will be back next week.
We have some other news regarding our planned shows for the rest of the October month; they will be Halloween based.
Hope to have you all tune in and enjoy.
Be Well
Al, Mitch, & Josh

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