It’s late at night in Iowa City and you’re looking for adventure.  You heard the myths of The Black Angel, a statue that sits in nearby, Oakland Cemetery. You go to it to see what all the fuss is about.  Just before leaving disappointed, you give it a touch.  Immediately you are transported to Villisca, Iowa where a white house sits in front of you.   The door swings open slowly, revealing a shadowy figure holding an Axe…what do you do?  You listen to this episode of The SUPER UNKNOWN of course!  

Join Josh, Dave, and special guests, Chase and Anna, as they talk: The Black Angel and Villisca Axe Murder House Inc.

Seek us out through Field of Geeks wherever you download/stream podcasts or

Huge thanks to Chase for putting this video presentation together, only on YouTube.  

#theblackangel #villisca #axemurder #murder #unsolved #truecrime #supernatural #ghost #iowa #justinbieber


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